An extraordinary and sensitive momentrequires strategic vision to createsensitive, creative and extraordinary solutions.

Imagine evocative and relevant stories that inspire your target audience, messages that are true to your identity and positioning that improve both customer and employee experience. Add a human touch to your brand’s communication through strategic use of voice, audio and words, creating and integrating hybrid languages to communicate more effectively.

At Sensory Brands we are specialists in achieving communication and marketing goals with strategies that incorporate technology, trends, new languages and narrative. We take another step towards excellence using emotional communication, through the creativity and knowledge guaranteed by a proven track record in corporate communication, experiential marketing and branded content.

Our multidisciplinary team stems from the alliance between Sensory Brands and Mr. Peaks, articulating talent, creativity, innovation, experience, passion, professionalism and strategic vision, understanding communication from a perspective of journalism, marketing, branding and digital platforms, focusing on people.

New communication opportunities guarantee our customers unique and identifying communications that help to strengthen relationships, guarantee fluid conversation and promote an enriched dialogue between brands and people.

It is time to move forward in intuitive, ethical, innovative and emotional communication, obtaining satisfaction and results in the new context and in the new world we are building between all of us.


Voice strategy

Voice and the spoken word add a human touch by creating intuitive links between your brand, customers and employees. Voice conveys meanings and emotions; it identifies and differentiates. We create a recognisable, relevant and coherent strategy to capture your audience's interest.


Podcasts have become an essential digital tool. Now is the time to evolve by creating innovative formats that position you at the creative forefront and surprise your audience. We are specialists in creating inspiring sound-narratives.


Your brand's personality, credibility and values are conveyed intuitively and transparently through voice and words. The voice of your brand offers an opportunity to communicate and differentiate your brand with its own style that strengthens your relationships with the people you address.

Seo writing

We produce texts that position your website organically in the digital context. We define your world of attraction by building meanings, relevance, positioning and reputation. We help you to make it a reality with narratives built with painstaking care.


Turning your brand's history into an emotional story will allow you to build relationships based on empathy and trust with your stakeholders. Evocative stories that are true to your identity position you emotionally, attracting and maintaining a meaningful and intimate relationship with your audiences.

Social Media

We nurture your social networks by conceptualising and developing multi-platform content. We plan unique strategies that allow you to have a suggestive, differentiated and relevant presence in the digital environment. Avoid noise and create emotions.